Theotokos of Vladimir | Earrings (Blue)

The earrings are 3D printed in nylon polyamide. Read more about the 3D print technique in the FAQ


The earring pendant measures 3,0 x 2,8 cm. and have gold-plated earring hooks.

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Theotokos of Vladimir

The Theotokos of Vladimir is an icon depicting Mary and her son Jesus Christ. It is believed that the evangelist Lucas painted this icon on a piece of wood originating from a table from the house of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. In 1131, the leaders of Constantinople gave the icon, which was named “Theotokos” (Greek for “Mary”), to a Russian archduke as a present. During the journey, the horses pulling the coach didn’t want to travel farther than the city of Vladimir, which the Russians took as a sign that Theotokos herself indicated that she belonged to Vladimir.

The icon has not left Russia ever since (it does hang somewhere in Moscow now) and the Russians believe they owe their prosperity to this icon. Not surprisingly, it is the most copied icon in the world. The jewelry design belonging to this work is based on the round yet worn aureole of Mary and the colours are based upon the material of the icon (gold leafs) and the two colours traditionally representing Mary (blue and white).

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Theotokos of Vladimir | Earrings (Blue)