Summer Landscape | Bracelet (Grey)

This bracelet is 3D printed in nylon polyamide. Read more about the 3D print technique in the FAQ


The bracelet is about 4,4 cm. wide at its widest. Nylon polyamide bracelets are very flexible and are easy to put on, but not unbreakable. It fits small, regular and bigger wrists

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Inspired by...

Kazimir Malevich - Summer Landscape

One of Russia’s most famous artists is Kazimir Malevich. During his “Jack of Diamonds” period, he, too, was interested in various French artists with their innovative styles, which included Post-Impressionism and Cubism. Malevich further developed this Cubism, to the point where he created actual styles of his own: Constructivism and Suprematism. His work eventually only revolved around geometry and abstraction.

In 1928, abstract art was prohibited by Stalin’s communist regime and, from then on, Malevich was forced to solely produce Social Realist art, which mainly served to show how “beautiful” Russia was thanks to Communism. “Summer Landscape” is an example from this period. The work is painted in a Post-Impressionist style, 50 years after the emergence of this style. The big, blooming tree that is central in this work, also takes center stage in this collection of jewelry.

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