Spanish Woman with Fan | Earrings (Black)

These pendants are 3D printed in nylon polyamide. Read more about the 3D print technique in the FAQ


The fan pendants measure 3,3 x 3,2 cm. and hang on silver-plated earring hooks.

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Inspired by...

Natalia Goncharova - Spanish Woman with a Fan

The most well-known female Russian artist was Natalia Goncharova. Being interested in Western European art, she travelled to France and Spain, among other places. In Spain she let herself be inspired by the national costumes of women, which can be clearly seen in a number of her works.

In this specific work, which displays a beautiful contrast between floral and geometric shapes, on her head you see a traditional mantilla, which is a lace head veil, and in her hand you see a fan. This fan is used to dance with, but it also is a means of communication: women used it to flirt in secret. The way you hold the fan betrays that you want a date with someone (tapping right eye with fan) or want to indicate someone has to stay away from you (tapping right shoulder with fan). You can invent your own secret messages with the fan jewelry by Dyvsign!

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Spanish Woman with Fan | Earrings (Black)