Care Guide


How to take care of your Dyvsign jewelry.


Nylon Polyamide

If your jewelry is white nylon polyamide, you can put it in the dishwasher! If your jewelry is nylon polyamide dyed in a color, its best to clean it with a moist (not wet!) cloth, to keep the color vibrant.


Stainless Steel

A strong material that will not rust. You can easily clean it with water and soap. Be careful with the gold plated stainless steel though, it's a very thin layer of gold plating and should therefore not be bumped or scratched because the gold layer will wear away faster



3D printed in ceramic powder and then glazed and gold plated with gold leaf. The glaze is easy to polish with warm water and some soap. But be vary careful with the gold leaf! Though it's varnished, the gold leaf is still very fragile. You can polish it with a special jewelry polishing cloth. If you use water for the glazed part, don't use too much water (don't hold it directly under the tap) because the unglazed part on the back will absorb water. Don't worry, it will dry again, but try to keep it to a minimum.


By the way, it's still ceramics so if you drop it or bump it into something hard, it will break.


Rose gold

Make sure you handle your 14k rose gold plated Dyvsign jewellery with care. Even though it’s high quality, the plating may get thinner over time. Also, the jewellery might turn green or might turn your skin green. This is due to a non-harmful chemical reaction between metal and sweat, body oils, skin acid or lotion/perfume. Cleaning the jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth can remove the darker stains and make it shiny again.


Storing it in its original box when you’re not wearing it would be wise. Also, keep away from household chemicals, cleaning products, lotion and water (avoid wearing during bathing, swimming and doing the dishes). This way you can enjoy your 14k rose gold plated Dyvsign jewellery the most!