Dyvsign logo


The dots that build up the 'd' represent 3D printing, a technique often used by Dyvsign that also builds up object layers by layers. The dots also refer to a panel by Yoshiyuki Kakedo, Dyvsign designer Yvonne van Zummeren's favorite work from her art collection. This Japanese artist placed dots of oil paint on a panel, starting from the middle and working its way to the sides. Once an oil paint dot has dried, he places another oil paint dot in another color on top of that first oil paint dot, and again, and again... This way, the art work builds up three dimensional.


Dyvsign's original logo (design by Frans van Uffelen) dates from 2012 and was ready for an update. A new, more contemporary and uniform font was chosen and a white circle around the 'd' and the word logo. The watercolor stain on the background emphasizes the art inspiration of the jewelry label.