Your Gaze Hits the Side of my Face (Bronze)

This bracelet is 3D printed in bronze colored stainless steel and it's gold plated (24k) afterwards.  Read more about the 3D print technique in the FAQ. It's very flexible so you can easily put it on. But be careful, don't bend it too far, it's not unbreakable...


The 3D printed part of this bracelet is about 5,6 cm long. The suede cord has two knots, which you can move, so it's a one size fits all!

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Inspired by...

Your Gaze Hits the Side of my Face - Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger has a background in photography and graphic designing and combined these talents to create artistic collages of text and images, in which she often highlights social, political and feminist issues.

In ‘Untitled (Your Gaze Hits The Side Of My Face)’ from 1981, a classical female statue is shown, the symbol of ‘beauty’ in classical art history. However, the text placed over this suggests an unwanted, aggressive male gaze at the female in the photo and towards females in general. This is what Kruger is bringing in to question.

‘The side of her face’ literally served as inspiration for this stunning wrist adornment. The 3D printed piece of bronze is a contour of the face of the classic statue, which is then completed by a suede cord that can be tied around the wrist.

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