About Dyvsign


Yvonne van ZummerenDyvsign is at the forefront of developments in the field of 3D printing (since 2011) with conversions to special and exclusive jewelry designs. Designer Yvonne van Zummeren (1984) is an art historian who takes inspiration for her creations from works of art. She sees her wearable designs as a medium, taking the original story from the artist and bringing it across to a wider audience.


"During my art history studies, I found that telling the story behind the artwork is a great way for people to become more enthusiastic about art. The art inspired jewelry printed with a 3D printer, combining both traditional and modern."


Undeniably the design of wearable Dyvsign creations are real conversation pieces, through the creative process, as well as the narrative and artistic concept. Even though 3D printing is often in the news nowadays, it's mostly negative (3D printing guns) or very futuristic (3D printing organs, veins, skin or 3D printing on the moon). Dyvsign focuses on 3D printing in the now and shows that 3D printing can produce beautiful and wearable jewelry too.